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5 ways to inspire creative thinking into your child

5 ways to inspire creative thinking into your child

You probably already know the importance of fostering creativity into your child and looking for guidance on how to inspire him into thinking creatively. Creativity takes place when your kid learn to trust his instincts and unique abilities. It gives him a positive attitude toward any problem. Their creativity turns them into confident and leaders. In our todays post we are going to discuss 5 ways of helping your child to think creatively and how CircleCare – Family app can be an awesome tool to inspire your kid for it! So, let’s get started…

Invest Into Their Success

Don’t just sit back and give direction, jump in and coach alongside your children. It enormously inspires kids to get the opportunity of working with their parents and be able to learn from them directly. Its creates a sense of confidence into the child’s mind, knowing that fact that you are investing in to their success. Who know, maybe you will learn a thing or two as well!

Encourage Curiosity

Try to encourage curiosity into them by presenting new & interesting information’s in front of them. CircleCare App can be an excellent tool for this, as they curate a select number of interesting & informational images and videos every day to enrich your life. Let them consume and process these information’s and knowledge’s by themselves. If they face any difficulty understanding a topic - instead of just giving away the answer, you could say “I don’t know. How could we find the answer?”

Give Him Positive Reinforcement

Every time your child overcomes a barrier or get a job done, give them positive reinforcement. This will encourage them to repeat the desired outcome in future! It will also create a sense of achievement into their mind, which will make them confident. Positive reinforcement can be a simple tap on the back or an extra hour of TV/Internet time. Here CircleCare App has a really useful feature called “Send Kudos”, using it you can send badges to your kid as positive reinforcement and the entire family will be notified. When friends and family are notified of the fun badges they have received, they will be encouraged to do the same and assign some to you too!

Let Them Take Their Own Decisions

Stop living in the fear that they will make the wrong decision and get hurt. Let them take their own decision and face the consequences every once in a while. If the outcome of not doing his home task is that the laptop is taken away, let him feel the need to get that laptop back in his hands. If he finishes his task, he gets the laptop you’ve promised. That should be the motivation for him in the right direction. Instead of you telling him what to do, how to do it and lecturing him, let him find the answers and make his own choices.

Make Him More Engaged to Family

Encourage participation into family fun activities like making up cumulative family stories on CircleCare App. One person starts a storyline on the circle feed, and then the next has to add to it on the comment, then the next. Fun activities like this makes him to open the door of imagination and try to come up with a creative story! Other example of fun family activities can be changing the endings of well-known movies, making homemade instruments or play make-believe games where you pretend to be something one someone.

Bonus Tip: Practice Drawings

Motivate your kid into drawing. Drawing experiences are important, and giving young children full freedom over their work is the key to inspire creativity – if there is a yellow circle in his easel, it doesn’t necessarily need to be a sun!

Creativity comes from within, so inspire your children to learn the art of creativity that they are interested in, rather than trying to push your interest over them. Instead of pushing a child for practicing the cello, for example, inspire her to do something she enjoys more – maybe sit at her desk and paint.

Author: Shaon Shahnewaz

Here is a little bit of bio on Shaon. He is a MBA from East West University Bangladesh, Internet Marketing Professional, father of one, lifelong student of marketing, social media user and an occasional blogger. That’s not giving you a lot of details, is it? So, send him a tweet @m2shaon!