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Art Forging In The Interior Of The House

A touch of shining metal or even a more rustic worn down pipe that’s been painted matte black, metal can be the true shining star of any industrial home. Metal can be very diverse and can make subtle enhancements to a space and atmosphere, but it can also stand out and make a bold impact in any kind of space. Generally you see metal work in more contemporary and industrial chic spaces, perfect for bare bones lofts or smaller apartments that have open floor plans. When you try to use metal accents and art foraging in small spaces it can make the space seem too busy and cluttered. In this guide we’ll walk you through five of the most common spaces we all have in our homes and how you can add a touch of metal magic to enhance the overall feeling of the room.

You might have seen previously that we’re quite the fans of industrial chic, don’t forget to check out our last article talking about styles that are great for your budget, it will be a great added guideline for those who want to add a little spice to their interior design.

Art Forging In The Interior Of The House

Art Forging In The Interior Of The House


Your kitchen is usually where you see the most metal work in any home you walk into. Not only because of the appliances but also because of the common accents. You can easily step it up by incorporating art forging into your kitchen because it can easily reflect the same metal hues as those textures and shapes that already exist in your kitchen space.

We thought to highlight one key Freshome piece of advice when it comes to any space:

“When used in small quantities shiny metal tiles for a backsplash make for a pop of excitement to a kitchen wall. If you don’t want the all over ‘glam’ opt for using accent metal copper or bronze tiles, amongst matte finish tiles. Some mosaic tiles have random metallic tile sheets that make a backsplash more visually appealing and easier to install on your own.”

Art Forging In The Interior Of The HouseArt Forging In The Interior Of The House


The bedroom is a little bit more tricky, unlike the kitchen, a bedroom is usually full of texture to provide that sense of warmth and relaxing nuance. You have to be much more subtle when it comes to the bedroom so you don’t disturb that balance of softness and rich texture.

Stick with one focal point that can tie the room together, either by creating a metal headboard or a bold metal floor length mirror that you can tie onto the handles of your dresser and closet!

Art Forging In The Interior Of The HouseArt Forging In The Interior Of The House

Living Room

The living room is a great place to start migrating that metal that is concentrated in your kitchen to the rest of your living space. Usually you can do this by incorporating matching metal hues from your appliances to your couch frames or even a piece of freestanding foraging to tie the whole room together.

Art Forging In The Interior Of The HouseArt Forging In The Interior Of The House

Dining Room

You should stick to the classics if you plan on adding metal accents to your space. Particularly in the dining room, the focus should be creating a comfortable space that will highlight the food you cook for guests and family. By keeping your metals on the more classic side while focusing on brass, chrome, silver, or gold, you will have an area of your home that’s timeless.

Stick to metals that can work well together and if you choose to include a bit of flair with art forging as a centerpiece or chandelier make sure that it remains the spotlight. Also make sure not to add too much or it will steal the attention away from the focal piece.

Art Forging In The Interior Of The HouseArt Forging In The Interior Of The House


The bathroom is probably one of the most understated spaces in homes, not only because not many spend the majority of their day in this small space, but also because it typically leaves homeowners confused as to what to do in the space. According to Lifestyle Interiors by Great way to incorporate life back into your bathroom space is to add metal work. It will create a clean and minimal look that is timeless and can connect this space with the rest of your home effortlessly.