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Angry Man Fist. Sometimes the ancient
Angry Man Fist. Sometimes the ancient

Sometimes the ancient past surprises me. Even though the original this was synthesized from is a hundred years old (and thus clearly public domain, of course), it still looks like it could work for somewhat modern comic book art or something. It just goes to show classic designs are unchanging? I dunno. None the less, keep pounding your fist mister! woo. Sometimes the ancient

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Group icons. After going nuts
Group icons. After going nuts

After going nuts looking for some icons to represent these group activities, I decided to make some. These are using a stylised petal shape but the principle can be adapted into another shape. One of the 'debate' versions initially looked like two people having a punch up being egged on by the crowd. Filled in shapes indicate full participation, hollow ones are passive, half-half are contributing to the activity. If anyone wants these saved separately, just message me. After going nuts

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Meeting room.
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Diverse Group. This was originally
Diverse Group. This was originally

This was originally a Japanese clipart image. Although some diversity exists in Japan, there is less need to represent a multicultural environment because of the mostly monocultural society. So I thought I would add a bit of diversity to this clipart image for people that live in multicultural societies. I also decided to change the mood of the debate/therapy session.. This was originally

2866 x 2437 128 0 13

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