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Filing Cabinet Overload. Cabinets depicting information
Filing Cabinet Overload. Cabinets depicting information

Filing Cabinets depicting information overload. I used this illustration to create an animation in a presentation where the filing cabinets appeared one by one over a period of about 1.5 seconds total, which seemed fairly effective in illustrating a sense of being overwhelmed by information. It was done in Inkscape then exported to a series of png files for animation in PowerPoint. This visual was meant to promote the benefits of a database vs paper storage of patient medical files. This was a second attempt at this concept after the previous filing cabinet with a massive drawer, from which this was remixed. I like this remixed version/concept much better than the original, and the remix was also more effective in a PowerPoint animation than the original. The cabinets are all the same except scaled or flipped, and the illusion of the cabinets being rotated is done merely by squashing or stretching them sideways relative to the one next to them.. Cabinets depicting information

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