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Clock periods. Set of icons
Clock periods. Set of icons

Set of icons with with clock intervals marked. May be useful to represent graphically time periods: 5 minutes (1 hour), 10 minutes (2 hours), 15 minutes (3 hours) and so on until 1 hours (12 hours).. Set of icons

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Ankylosaurus. Is the archetypal
Ankylosaurus. Is the archetypal

Ankylosaurus is the archetypal "armored" dinosaur. This is my favorite dinosaur as a kid and still to this day! Read more about it: Source material from: Is the archetypal

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Wintermark Runes - Period.
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Quality Street 3. Phoebe of the
Quality Street 3. Phoebe of the

Phoebe of the ringlets or Miss Phoebe Throssel, as seen in the stage play "Quality Street" (1918) by J.M.Barrie (died 1937) a romantic comedy set in England during the Napoleonic war.. Phoebe of the

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