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7 8 9 gons and curves. These are the
7 8 9 gons and curves. These are the

These are the heptagon,octogon, and nonagon, as well as their polycurves. I felt sorry for them because they weren't included along with my 9 supreme shapes for certain reasons.. These are the

720 x 720 17 0 0
9 supreme shapes. This is one
9 supreme shapes. This is one

This is one of the coolest things yet. It almost competes with the chessboard in it's awesomeness. Each of the shapes I could go on forever about but it would be more important to describe how I did it. Starting with the top going clockwise, I made the 4 supreme regular polygons. They are the most well known polygons. The next four shapes I'm unsure if they have a name, but they are created by the gaps between different numbers of circles. They may not be as well known as the regular polygons. Since they are curved instead of straight edged, they could be called polycurves. Last but certainly not least, the circle is in the center. It's not a polygon or a polycurve, but it's the most commonly occuring shape in the universe as far as I know. Also I had to include it since the polycurves were made from circle gaps.. This is one

720 x 720 58 0 0

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