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Civil War Big Battle. Of course i
Civil War Big Battle. Of course i

Of course I am not glorifying either side of this bloody battle, brother against brother. There are no winners in war, only the dead and those that survive to remember the dead. I thought this was rather bland synthesized in black and white so I decided to provide it in full blazing colour. enjoy. Of course i

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Rebellion. The in black
Rebellion. The in black

The Rebellion in Black and White.. The in black

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Confederate Flag. Of course i
Confederate Flag. Of course i

Of course, I do NOT support the racism whispered and supported by some people who support this flag ideologically. But I do NOT support the suppression of a flag because you disagree with someone's viewpoint. Just like I thought it's good to look direct at any horrid history, I think that trying to suppress history is horrible. If something has a bad history, keep it around so you don't repeat it. Always try to heal your wounds but never try to forget your scars, I think I'm saying. In any case, this is valid as a form of clipart I suppose.. Of course i

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