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Today's kanji-168-rei. A kanji which
Today's kanji-168-rei. A kanji which

A kanji which is read as "rei" which is a kanon-reading and means "the act of respecting one" ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// some of kanjis has some readings and some of kanjis has only one reading /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// at first ,you can consider there are two types of reading. A:"onyomi" which means "on-reading" ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// B:"kunyomi" which means "kun-reading" ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// and then,moreover, ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// "onyomi" has two types of reading A1:"goon" which means "go-on-reading" ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// A2:"kanon" which means "kan-on-reading" ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// that is,roughly speaking, there are three types of reading ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// "kun or kunyomi","goon"and "kanon" /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// The kanji which I picked up here has the three pronunciations of 1:rei as kanon 2:rai as goon 3:nori as kun or kunyomi /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// For more information about this kanji ,you can see here: ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////礼. A kanji which

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