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Umbrella morphing animation. This is the
Umbrella morphing animation. This is the

This is the remix of "Open Umbrella" uploaded by "GDJ". Thanks. This is a morphing animation that depicts an umbrella which is opening and closing repeatedly.The color of a canopy is light-brown. The BG-color is light-blue. This is implemented by "attributeName="d" of SMIL. [The requirements to make one-path-objects morph] In this case,the canopy is morphing. 1.The path of the canopy must be one-path. must not add or delete vertices of node. must not change the order of the vertices. [ NOTE] In Inkscape, if you change the scale of animated-objects, the animation will not work . This doesn't work with "chrome" as an unnecessary semicolon or ; is added to the end of the path data. I will not delete this clipart as I do not want to distinguish the comments.. This is the

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Umbrella-animation-modified. As quotumbrellaanimationquot does
Umbrella-animation-modified. As quotumbrellaanimationquot does

As "umbrella-animation" does not work with "chrome", I uploaded a modified version. The reason why it does not work with "chrome" is that I added an unnecessary semicolon or ; to the end of path-data.. As quotumbrellaanimationquot does

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Umbrella morphing animation for chrome. Modified smil to
Umbrella morphing animation for chrome. Modified smil to

Modified SMIL animation to be displayed in chrome. 1. <animate> element moved into <path> element. 2. The last ';' in values="M...;m...;" removed.. Modified smil to

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