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2013 Wish 2.
600 x 400 12 0 0
1297574488. Happy birthday logo
1297574488. Happy birthday logo

Happy Birthday logo.. Happy birthday logo

664 x 365 31 0 0
Genie Lamp. So if you
Genie Lamp. So if you

So if you find a magic lamp and get three wishes but the Genie says that you can't wish for more wishes. So couldn't your first wish be that you don't have to follow the Genie's rules? Then wish two could be for unlimited wishes! Viola!. So if you

823 x 1225 60 0 0
HappyHalloween animation. This is an
HappyHalloween animation. This is an

This is an animation which depicts morphing alphabets or characters called "happy halloween" and a silhouette of bat. Repeat count is 3 times. This animation is implemented by attributeName="d" function of SMIL.. This is an

600 x 600 10 0 0
Another Daruma Doll. Yet interpretation of
Another Daruma Doll. Yet interpretation of

Yet another interpretation of a Japanese 'daruma doll'. This one was based on a public domain image by Brucke-Osteuropa on Wikimedia Commons. I still need to make one based on my own personal daruma doll, but I'm a bit lazy a suppose. Daruma dolls are for making wishes, you only fill in the second eye when you get your wish, but I wanted to symbolize wishes granted so I have both eyes filled in.. Yet interpretation of

1561 x 1795 33 0 0

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