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Interior Design - Great Animal Motifs for the Interior

Great Animal Motifs for the Interior

Animal prints and designs are considered by many as their favorite motif when designing their rooms because these artistic arrangements add an exotic feel and a bold statement on their interior. Moreover, since they are usually warm and neutral, animal prints and designs can be an ideal theme that would comfortably fit into any interior design.

Animal motifs can range from prints of cheetah and leopard as wallpapers, to figurines of owls and fishes as a bedside table ornament. They vary in form and specifications, yet most of them may suit your preference well. In this article, we are going to identify great animal motifs for the interior that can serve as your inspiration.

Mixing animal prints on your bed

Great Animal Motifs for the Interior

The beauty of animal prints is that they can aesthetically complement each other when used as a design. Mix and match the prints and patterns to come up with a visually appealing bed with a strong organic feel.

Use wallpapers with bird or butterfly designs

Great Animal Motifs for the Interior

The use of birds or butterflies as an inspiration for your wallpapers also make up for an exciting view. They add vibrant colors to your room while sticking to your overall animal theme.

Fauna-filled Walls

Great Animal Motifs for the Interior

For a more exciting motif for your interior, you could customize your walls by painting a community of animals that are interacting with each other. You could also add plants with these animals to make them look natural.

Frame them Up

Great Animal Motifs for the Interior

If feel like animal wallpapers are a little over the top, you could frame photos of animals and place them on your walls. You could match several related animals such as roosters and cows, or go uniform with several framed pictures of the same kind of animals.

Use pieces of furniture that are shaped like animals

Great Animal Motifs for the Interior

Your choices are limitless. You could place a set of wooden chairs which take the shape of elephants, or bookcases that look like horses and rhinoceros. You could even find a lamp with a giraffe embellished on it.

Accent your interior with animal figurines

Great Animal Motifs for the Interior

You may place small animal figurines on your bedside tables or top of other pieces of furniture so you could accent your interior more aesthetically. You can even devise a shelf where only animal figurines are contained.

Going all out Safari

Great Animal Motifs for the Interior

If you are feeling extra, you could also do a unique interior in the style of Safari. This motif does not only include animal designs but would also incorporate plants or pieces of wood to make your interior much more rustic and organic. Complement your room with lush shrubs and small plants. For a complete Safari feel, choose items of furniture that are made up of wood or organic fibers. You can create a beautiful interior with animals in Safari style, so that for a moment you can plunge into the amazing Safari parks.

Animal motifs may come in varied ways and forms. Since they can fit in most interior designs, you can put your creativity to good use and apply such theme to create a standout and bold room interior.