What do you need to become a designer - talent or perseverance?

What do you need to become a designer - talent or perseverance?

A lot of people thinks that the only way to reach success is through talent. Especially in arts and design, and in other fields under the creatives sector, talent is believed to be the only selling point of a person.

However, others argue that a person's ability only comes as a supporting factor when it comes to success. They firmly believe that perseverance is the key to in order to become a better professional.

As a designer, what do you really need to become successful -- talent or perseverance?

Talent versus Perseverance

What do you need to become a designer - talent or perseverance?

As kids, we had several opportunities to showcase our skills through arts and design. As early as Kindergarten, we were already engaged in several activities wherein we will have to draw different stuff using a variety of media -- including crayons and watercolors. Our mentors pushed us to think and to illustrate beyond our imagination. When our outputs are displayed, we can observe how some kids did better than the rest. It was not that they had more time than them, there was something we knew back then that they had which others lacked. That's talent.

But if we look back and study those moments clearly, what could have been the real reason why they made better outputs than others? Those who did better did not only knew the balance of colors, but they were also able to show through their art the passion they have from inside. They strived to be better, treating each output more of a masterpiece than a little requirement. That's perseverance.

Talent is a quality we always had which makes us capable of doing things. It is innate in us. However, for you to hone it, you need more than just skill. Perseverance, on the other hand, enables us to accomplish something. It is the stronghold that allows us to do something with passion and excellence.

Talent, without determination, will leave us stagnant, unable to develop and improve as we age. Perseverance, without ability, will push us beyond our limits in order to achieve something extraordinary.

Perseverance in Designing

What do you need to become a designer - talent or perseverance?

As mentioned earlier, it is worth noting that perseverance -- not talent -- will allow us to realize our goals further. Just because you are a skilled graphic designer does not mean that you will immediately get hired in a top-ranking graphics company. It does not guarantee that you will instantly be one of the top web designers on popular social media platforms such as Wordpress just because you have sufficient knowledge in web design.

Hard work beats talent and skills all the time. If you are passionate about something, no matter how incapable you are, you will reach that point.

How then can those with insufficient knowledge on designing become successful?

By means of learning, we get to improve our craft over time. For graphic designers, watching video tutorials online on the proper way to mix and match different colors, typography, and style can steadily improve one's skill. By pushing yourself to exert more effort in practicing the things you have learned, you are sure to become a better graphic artist. This also applies to other forms of design.

As you grow and develop, you begin attending conferences and gatherings where your form of art is the focus. You might be able to meet several people who may serve as your mentor in striving more.

You can also showcase your work through an online portfolio. This will get your artworks noticed by clients and employers. Send your portfolios to several clients. Do not limit yourself to one person.

If you failed the first time, keep in mind that such failure is just the start of something better. As long as you are determined, there is no other way but up.

Talent and Perseverance Combined

What do you need to become a designer - talent or perseverance?

If you are blessed to have a talent in designing, and you know in your heart that you always strive to be better, then we got ourselves a combo. As you persist for excellence, you should put your talent to good use.

Furthermore, since you both have the skills and the passion, you should consider sharing your talent to those who have determination but may still lack the necessary ability to get the job done. It would not hurt to lift somebody up as you lift yourself up, too. Never let your ego take over your desire to be a better professional designer. Everyone needs a hand. Even you need a hand, also.

In conclusion

What do you need to become a designer - talent or perseverance?

In designing, and pretty much everything, talent does not always guarantee you success, but perseverance does. With a little push and a slight stretch, you may be on your way to becoming one of the best designers there is in the industry right now.