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What Style Of Interior Is The Most Budgetary

Sometimes choosing the most popular style of interior design isn’t always best for your space and budget.

If you’re looking to revamp your life and your environment with interior design while keeping your wallet intact, you’ll find yourself placed in a pretty odd position. You’ll most likely feel limited in what you’re able to achieve in your space and feel trapped because you can’t carry out all the plans you have to make your home feel like home. But all isn’t lost: you’ll still be able to afford a chic living situation that you’re happy with while saving your bank account. Throughout this list we’ve brought some of the hottest interior design styles that can be transformed to fit any budget you may have. We’ve included a range of drastically different directions so there will be something for everyone. Not only will we be telling you the changes to make in your space, we’ll be giving you a brief history of each style and how they came to be, so you’ll know if you’re really ready to integrate this unique style into your life and home.

It’s imperative that you choose a style that not only will keep your money intact, but also a style that fits your personality and living situation. All of these selected styles have the ability to make a whole house feel as one cohesive design, and they can also be integrated into an open floor plan studio apartment. It’s up to you to take the tools we’re giving you and really bring these styles to life in a way that makes you happy to live in your space.

We know that it can be daunting to dive into a world with style names like shabby chic and industrial, it can be flustering and confusing, but we’re here to motivate and walk you through each style so you’ll have no problem finding the perfect fit.

Scandinavian Design

What Style Of Interior Is The Most Budgetary

Paying homage to the simple life demonstrated in Nordic countries, the art of Scandinavian interior design feels fresh and new, but not necessarily modern and cold like a minimalist space. It creates a space that includes touches of color, pattern, texture, but all in subtle ways, never in a huge statement item of furniture. When you look at a Scandinavian styled room, your eye will flow throughout the space, nothing catching your attention more than something else.

If you’re looking to possibly go with a Scandinavian design in your space, it’s actually quite simple to do. Remember to keep things fresh by keeping the colors minimal, not exactly monochrome, but soft greys, tans, creams, with pops of color and patterns that include light yellows, blues, and natural green. Another element that you need to include to capture the beauty of this unique style is to make sure there are natural elements that are balanced within the space. Whether that’s a light wooden table or an abundance of house plants, nature is key to pulling this look together. Making sure your space remains naturally lit, spacious, with less decor and more function, you’ll be perfect.

You might be asking how is it possible to create a space with this look for less money, and we have the answer. By painting your old TV stand a nice cream color, by introducing a few throw pillows to balance out the light and airy color scheme, adding a few cheap houseplants to the room, and thrifting a light colored rug, you’ll automatically open up the space to feel more roomy and refreshing. Just remember, even if you simply paint an accent wall a light color and build up the room around that, it will create a major difference that makes more of an impact than just a thousand dollar couch.

Shabby Chic

What Style Of Interior Is The Most Budgetary

Soft, vintage, feminine. If these words register with you and make you feel connected to who you are, you’re in luck, because we have a style for you that you’ll love.

Shabby Chic is a very soft take on the bohemian trend. Whereas the bohemian trend tends to be anything goes as long as you love it, Shabby Chic is more refined yet still just as eclectic. When you enter a space that is primarily in the Shabby Chic style, you’ll know right away. There are always tons of decorations out on display, usually vintage items and worn books, candles, fur throw blankets, and old wicker chairs. You’ll probably also find wooden items around the space as well, even if it’s old sticks in a very ornate vase in the corner. While it feels like anything goes with this style, it does take a person with very particular taste to be able to keep up with this specific style.

You’ll be happy to know that this style won’t bust your bank either. You can easily find everything you could possibly need either already in your home or at a local thrift store. Most DIY revamps you’ll do with a space like Shabby Chic would entail repainting things with a light wash of white paint so it looks worked and chipped. Either way, this space is perfect for those who want to surround themselves with a place that will feel cozy, a bit eclectic, and very stylish and ornate.


What Style Of Interior Is The Most Budgetary

Minimalist interior design uses modern design and boils it down to some of the most simple concepts. While it is a style that plays a major role in design, especially interior design. It is a lifestyle that can also be used to save money and overall enrich your wellbeing.

A minimalist home features the actual space of the home, using streamlined furniture and functionality as its strong base. While minimalism can be unique from person to person, this style typically stays in the contrasting tones spectrum. Generally focusing on whites and blacks, with some greys and possibly a splash of color but not always. Very neutral and open, a space that always looks clean, very little decor unless it’s functional: such as a sculpture on the wall that also serves as a coat rack for example.

To achieve this style you don’t need to throw away all your things, but the key is to minimize and donate what you don’t actually use. Freshen up a room simply by cleaning and clearing the space, hiding away your items and keeping the space looking fresh and neat. No spending is necessary, but if you do have a bit of money to spend on this transformation, start with brightening up a room with great lighting and simple furniture.


What Style Of Interior Is The Most Budgetary

Industrial styled interior design brings together elements of urban and an old warehouse. Exposing elements such as “unfinished” looking brick walls to even highlighting the beams of the ceiling. Anything from brick, ductwork, pipes, wood, it all comes into play when you’re working with a space that can easily become inspired by the industrial style. The incomplete look of an industrial environment really brings a sense of warmth and radical acceptance of the space you are currently in.

If you’re in a space that naturally has brick, wood, or concrete, you have a start on the design process that you won’t have to shell out thousands for to cover up or complete. When you walk into an inspired industrial space, you’ll notice right away the warm feelings, the warm wood tones, the neutral colors and the abundance of natural light. Pair that with high ceilings to really open up the space along with metal accents, you’ll have an area that’s simple yet refined.

Mid-Century Modern

What Style Of Interior Is The Most Budgetary

Mid-century modern plays on the aesthetics of designs inspired by the mid 1900s, generally focusing around the 50s and 60s. There are obvious feelings and similarities to the mid-century modern home that resemble elements of minimalism and traditional designs and because of this dynamic of balance, you’ll find that it’s much easier to create a room based on this style for less money than you might expect. While there are elements to mid-century design that are ornate in certain ways, typically leaving a room open with less bulk furniture will give you a great start towards this switch. Focusing on function over look is also important, while natural colors come into play mixed with black and white, it’s almost crucial that you limit the items you have in a room so it gives it a more classic feel.

When you walk through a room that’s mid-century modern, you’ll notice right away the mix between modern monochrome of blacks and whites and the neutral colors, many wouldn’t think this works, but if placed in a simple and flowing way in a room, you’ll find that the two contrast and make each other pop in a very exciting design dynamic. Putting emphasis on casual yet classic pieces of furniture that you probably already have will bring a sense of new life to a space, making it feel like home.