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Which site is best for your business?

To date, there are a large number of sites that are divided by type and classification. The website is very helpful for doing business, finding new customers, selling on the Internet. If you are dreaming of developing your business and want to create your own website, you need to know what kinds of sites exist and which site is best suited for your business.

If you choose the right site, then it really will increase the number of customers, increase sales and profits, and will perform well the function for which you created it. But how to decide among such a variety and understand what kind of site you need?

Which website is right for you?

Before deciding which site suits you, you need to understand what role it should perform - talk about you and your services, sell products, present your company. Consider the most popular types of sites that use for business.

Types of sites for doing business

Business card site

Which site is best for your business?

This site has a minimum of information, it's only a few pages: information about the company, products or services, as well as contact information. This site sometimes contains a section about promotions and news about the company. The name of the site speaks for itself, because it serves as a business card and serves only to connect customers with the company through a feedback form. The advantages of such a site are in its simplicity, low cost and rapid creation. This site can be upgraded. The disadvantages are its poor functionality and content. It is because of the minimum content that it can not be promoted on the web.

Who is suitable for such a site - an organization that does not set a goal of promoting the company on the Internet, as well as companies who need a website, so that customers and partners can contact them.

Corporate website

Which site is best for your business?

This is a multifunctional website that talks about you to your customers, and also helps to solve some of their problems. The corporate site provides complete and reliable information about the company, its products and services, principles of work, personnel and specialists. On such a site, most often placed catalogs, price lists and articles on the appropriate topic. Corporate site is an excellent additional element of advertising, because the design of the site is done in accordance with the corporate style. A serious approach to creating a corporate website will help show your customers your reliability and seriousness of intentions. A convenient, beautiful and informative site will help your customers feel your respect for them. This site has many advantages, for example: a large amount of reference information about the company, goods and services, convenient services for users, the possibility of interaction between employees, an increase in the number of loyal customers.

Who is suitable for this site - companies that sell unique and complex products, and also work in the service sector. Through such a site, it's easy to sell.


Which site is best for your business?

The portal is an extended and improved version of the corporate site. This site immediately covers a large number of customers. Portal functions include: gallery, forums, blogs, diaries, viewing and listening online, voting, commenting, messaging. Such a site is distinguished by active interaction with users. The goal of the portal is to find and understand what the audience wants and try to satisfy their requests. It is this approach that will help make the business successful.

Who is suitable for such a site - competitive organizations that care about their image and reputation, as well as companies that have more than 1,000 items of goods and services.

Online store

Which site is best for your business?

This is one of the most popular types of business on the Internet. A large number and variety of products and the ability to buy one-click is very attracting users. The simpler to make a purchase, the more you have new users and regular customers. Advantages of such a site: quick purchase from home, a large audience (geographical position is not important), unlimited quantity of goods, round-the-clock work, it is possible to compare prices and goods, lower costs due to savings in renting a place for a store. The only negative - you can not see the goods. Despite this, some online stores are allowed to inspect the purchase before payment, thereby increasing the credibility of their store.

Who is this site suitable for - companies that want to increase their sales by selling via the Internet, as well as who has a large amount of goods, and who wants to save on renting premises. Also this kind of site is suitable for beginning entrepreneurs who are just starting to run their business.


Which site is best for your business?

The catalog is very similar to the online store, as it is a showcase of goods, but unlike the store, the catalog does not have the function of adding goods to the shopping cart. Purchase on the site-directory is made through phone or mail. The directory is not very popular, because users do not like to search for contact details of the organization and call them to make a purchase. In the catalogs often provided a price list.

Who is suitable for such a site - companies that sell unique and expensive things, as well as firms that have the formation of prices individually for each client.

Landing page

Which site is best for your business?

Landing page is a one-page site that helps to capture the attention of the client and cause him to take some action. The functional of the Landing page is so minimal that it often consists of a description of the product, a call to action and a "buy" button. The Landing page contains only the most important and useful information, photographs, short-term actions and a call to action. The success of this site lies in its narrow specialization - it sells only one product or service. Landing page resembles a catalog or showcase, in which there is only one position. Advantages Landing page - a good conversion and high sales, because on one page all the necessary information about the product and the button to buy is located immediately. By the minuses, you can add the same point - an excessive narrow focus.

Who approached this site - who sells a particular product or service. This type of site can also be used by online store owners who want to increase sales of one particular item.

Promotional websites

Which site is best for your business?

Such sites are created for carrying out of actions, drawings and presentations of any goods. They are required for large companies that have a primary goal or goal, and the promotion site is created separately, so as not to overload the main site. Promotional websites are created when it is necessary to hold a long presentation or a rally that lasts more than a month.

Who is suitable for such a site - organizations that already have a main site, and they use promotional websites to create a favorable and positive image of the company.

Personal site

Which site is best for your business?

Such a site resembles a business card site, but a personal website tells about a certain person, his offers, interests and hobbies. Such a site is rarely business oriented, unless of course you are promoting a certain person.

Who is suitable for such a site - people who want to increase their credibility in the network and earn with this, or provide any services.

The actual question is - do I need an online store online store?

Despite the development of online stores, many organizations and entrepreneurs are not in a hurry to open their website in order to conduct sales on the Internet. Maybe they really do not need to create their own website, because they are satisfied with the current sales? In fact, this is everyone's business, but do not forget about the advantages of an online store. Firstly, people from all over the world can become your customers, which means a significant increase in customers. Secondly, users like to make purchases online, because it is very fast and convenient, and most importantly it can be done at any time of the day . In the online store you can put on the review more goods due to unlimited space. The price in the online store may be lower, due to the lack of additional space for rent. If you own an offline store and want to increase your sales, then the online store is the best solution for you.

Which site do you choose for your business? To answer this question, determine what role the site should perform. Want to sell goods and services - online store, catalog and landing page will suit you best. Want to promote your name or offer personal services - a personal website or a business card site is just for you. You want to inform your customers so that they are always aware of it - you should choose a corporate site or portal. Want to provide a certain service - you just can not do without the site service. If you decide to create a website yourself, then you will find ideas for a visit here.

If you choose the right site, then your business is waiting for success. Think about your company, its goals and you must make the right decision.